Missionary God


Abby & I are excited to announce that Lake Forest Church (Huntersville) has invited us to teach our Missionary God class from April 10th - May 1st on Sunday evenings from 6-7:45pm (child care provided for 0-10 yrs.).

This is the same class we include in our 3 Weeks Intensive training in Zambia!

Missionary God answers some common questions: So, what exactly is God’s mission, anyway? What’s God really up to in the world? And, does God actually need our help to get the job done?

Together, by looking deeply into God’s Word, the Bible, we'll discover the story of God’s mission and its challenges. We’ll also examine the identity and secret of God’s mission. Along the way, we’ll uncover God’s ultimate goal and how we fit into his amazing plan!

More information can be found and you can register at: http://lakeforest.org/get-involved/classes/

We'd love to see you there!