Amazing Grace!

Alex is one of our students, a Live School graduate, one of the young men who built the fence on our IMC land earlier this year, and who now lives as the caretaker on our property in a tent. (Alex is pictured above at far left.)

Alex is now, also, a church planter.

Alex and a friend recently hitched a ride with Paul, a Christian veterinarian from the U.S., to Lataba, a small village forty miles into the bush. Once there, Alex and his friend shared the Gospel and seventeen people responded and gave their lives to Jesus!

Alex and his friend then walked home (from 9pm-7am) where they met with Pastor Sikute, our IMC Chair in Zambia and a Live School graduate himself, to discuss a request from the new Christians to plant a new church in their community so they can continue to grow!

It's hard for us to fathom the courage of young men like this, not to mention the simplicity of their effort. Two committed Christians hitched a ride, shared the Story, led people to Jesus and are now in the process of planting a church. There have been no community surveys, no core group development, no projected budgets, and, frankly, no financial resources.

It was just two willing Christians with a heart for people who do not know Jesus' love who stepped out in faith. And, now seventeen people know the grace of God in their lives for the first time. Amazing!

It's humbling, as always, to contemplate how the Lord uses people like us to spread his Kingdom. As Abby and I often find ourselves saying, "Why do we get to be a part of something like this?" Grace!

If you're on our team, you're an integral part of this story, too. If you're not yet on our team, why not prayerfully consider becoming part of what Jesus is doing in Zambia?