Just give me one year with this Global Study Bible! One year! I will learn everything in it!
— Pastor
I’ve been equipped with necessary tools I need as a believer to grow and to share the Gospel with other people. I’ve learned that the Bible is an adventure I want to go in. To others, I say if God has given you the opportunity to learn the Word of God, then grab that opportunity with your two hands. I’ve learned I can be the hands, the feet of Jesus to reach somebody out there who feels isolated, rejected.
— Helen
The training doesn’t just impact you as an individual, but also your family & community!

Don’t be discouraged about learning under a tree; God has something better for you!
— Alice
The training helped me find my place in youth ministry; it helped me discover my gifts and develop skills; it has provoked me to further my education!
I now interact freely with people at the market. I share short Bible stories and discuss the Word with them. Some tease me, but I keep sharing. Some become firends and, at the end of the day, they have received the Word!
— Beverly
“In this 3 Weeks, I’ve seen the Bible brought fully into my life. The reality of the Bible has been brought into my life. The Bible has been made real in my life now. I feel different. The Bible is not just spiritual, but it is practical. It is for we the people to share and encourage one another!
— Jonathan
Before, it was hard for me to understand the Word of God. Now it is easier. The training enabled me to be a better leader and taught me how to handle different personalities.
— Ntwale