South Africa & Zambia Here We Come

"Why do we get to do this?" It's a question Abby & I often ask ourselves. Tomorrow we fly to South Africa and then on July 5th we'll head from there to Zambia. We'll have the privilege of preaching and teaching men and women who are hungry to learn. Most importantly, we'll have the privilege of renewing old friendships and making new ones!

Our schedule for the coming few weeks looks like this (subject to change):

June 22-23: Travel to South Africa

June 24-July 4: Pretoria, South Africa - The Rise Missions Conference...Church planters, evangelists and missionaries from five Southern Africa nations (South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malwai and Zambia) will gather under the headline: "No longer a mission field, but now a mission force!" Abby and I will each give a keynote address and we'll preach twice in local churches, as well.

July 5-13: Livingstone, Zambia - We'll be training a church planting team led by our friend, Pastor Imasiku of Victory Assemblies of God Church.

July 14-26: Mwandi, Zambia - We'll be training leaders from Sesheke and Mwandi, as well as training key youth leaders at The Rise Youth Missions Conference.

July 27-31: Mongu, Zambia - We'll be training leaders as the guest of Pastor Yuyi Collins Blessing.

August 1-9: Livingstone, Zambia - Pastor Imasiku has asked us to train leaders of a bush church outside Livingstone.

August 10-11: Travel home

As always, we appreciate your prayers and encouragment. We'll have access to email on and off throughout the trip, so please write. We get lonely for home sometimes!

And we'll be posting blog entries as often as we can, so check back regularly!