The Joy of Ministry Partnerships and Banana Pudding

Westminster Presbyterian Church Mission Presentation

Westminster Presbyterian Church Mission Presentation

One of the best things about being missionaries is the amazing ministry partnerships we're privileged to experience.

One of our ministry partners, Westminster Presbyterian in Burlington, NC, recently invited me (Doug) to preach and then, two weeks later, invited us to make a mission presentation at an awesome church supper. This congregation is led by our friend, the Rev. Powell Sykes, and is so loving, so supportive and so faithful to us that we always look forward to spending time with them. Thanks Westminster!

During the sermon, I mentioned my love for banana pudding and boy did that pay off at the church supper! There's just something about great banana pudding that makes any church supper special. The other desserts were awesome, too! And the entrees, as well! What a great night!

Following dinner, Abby & I shared stories about some of the students we've been privileged to teach, like John in Livingstone, Zambia, Olivia in Katima Mulilo, Nambia or John in Musokotwane, Zambia. Their hunger for biblically sound training and their desire to mature in Christ and share Jesus with others make it exhilirating to teach them. Abby and I often ask ourselves, "Why do we get to do this?"

The truth is, when we do it our ministry partners do it, too. Where we go our partners go. We're a team and we couldn't do it without the prayers, financial support, friendship, accountability and encouragment we receive. We are blessed!

As we prepare to leave for South Africa and Zambia on June 22, it's so encouraging to know that ministry partners like Westminster Presbyterian stand with us. Would you join them in praying for us as we travel and train?