"You shall know them by their fruit!"

Jesus said we'd know a tree best by its fruit (Luke 6:43-44). That's why, at IMC, we're always looking for stories from our students about the impact our training has had on their lives. Bosco's is one of those stories. He just officially graduated from Live School Tuesday evening (graduates Alex (l) and Bosco (r) are pictured below), but he had already planted a new church in the last year about 40 miles off the main road in a small bush village several hundred miles north of Mwandi.

In addition, as word has spread bout the new church, Bosco has been asked to visit families as far as 10 miles away who are interested in the Gospel. To help Bosco as he travels these long distances, IMC gifted him with a new bike at graduation!

I had planned on including a video of Bosco telling about Live school's impact in his life and the new church, but the bandwidth on the WiFi I'm using isn't adequate. The upload was going to take 7 hours! LOL! Anyway, I'll have to post it when we return to the States.

Just a quote from Bosco to whet your appetite: "I have told my new church that even though I am their pastor I am just a visitor. I told them I will be leaving one day because if I am going to go into all the world with the Gospel, then I have to be free to go and go and go."

By their fruit indeed!


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