The IMC Adventure Continues!

It's always exciting to make new connections! Over the weekend, we traveled to Senanga to meet with the Ministers' Association about a possible invitation to bring our 3 Weeks Intensive training to them next June. But, first we had to get to Senanga and that involved the "pontoon" (ferry) across the mighty Zambezi River. There was a strong headwind and one of the two diesel motors was out on the pontoon, so our crossing took about an hour. At times, we wondered if we were moving at all. A bridge is under construction and should be completed within the next few months, but for now it's the pontoon!

We stayed Saturday night at the Senanga Safari Lodge, a comfortable place on the beautiful banks of the same Zambezi. Sunday morning, we worshiped at the Evangelical Church of Zambia in Senanga, led by missions minded pastor, Rev. Enoch. Now, getting to the worship center was a bit of an adventure. Senanga is noted for its deep sand roads and we found out pretty soon that without 4WD we were in deep trouble!

Once we solved the sand problem with the help of many passers by, we had an amazing time worshiping with great people and a fabulous choir. Later in the service, Percy led the praise and worship that led into my sermon and after worship we enjoyed warm fellowship on the church grounds.

Later, at 3pm, we met with sixteen pastors and elders representing six area churches to present IMC's mission. We were well received and, after a brief discussion among those present, Rev. Enoch invited us to come next June as we had hoped!

So, thanks for your prayers. Tonight, we enjoy a graduation celebration with twelve of our Mwandi Live School students. We can't wait!