From 3 to 2,000

What a Sunday! We were invited to preach/teach at Dr. Silavwe's house church, Eternal Glory, about 5 miles outside Lusaka. Two years ago, Dr. Silavwe, his wife and daughter launched this church in their living room. Their first Sunday it was just the three of them. Today, Eternal Glory Church numbers 2,000 members (and a Bible school) scattered across several provinces through new church planting and the addition of unaffiliated congregations. Amazing!

Abby preached on Isaiah 43:1-4, emphasizing how precious we are to the Lord who honors us!. I then preached on Galatians 3:24-29 about the amazing benefits we have in Christ. Percy led beautiful worship music, as did their praise team.

The small congregation was delightful, engaged, filled with praise and warmly welcomed our ministry. What an honor! Afterwards, we enjoyed a great meal with the Silavwe family.

This coming Sunday, Abby & I will be preaching again when the area Eternal Glory house churches come together into a congregation of about two hundred. With Percy leading worship, it should be a very special time!

Dr. Silavwe teaches at Justo Mwale University (Seminary) and the University of Zambia. He holds two Ph.D.'s and is working on a third. He is the Bishop of the Eternal Glory denomination and is one of the planning team members for the Zambian College of Chaplaincy. Mrs. Silavwe is an accomplished middle school teacher. They have three kids, 10, 11 & 15. The Silavwe's are standing to Abby's left in the back row and Percy is on the far left in the back row in the photo below of the church.