Anything Means Everything!

Well, we've arrived! We are staying at the lovely Mika Lodge in Lusaka. Feel free to drop by if you're in town! Our trip was very smooth and last night we both rested beautifully and are feeling very refreshed. Thanks for your prayers!

This afternoon, we met with Dr. Silavwe who is our host for the next ten days. He graciously welcomed us to Lusaka and invited us to lunch at his home tomorrow so we can meet his family. We are humbled and excited.

He also told us that he had looked through our training manual to see what he thought would benefit the twenty pastors who are coming next week. His comment was not what we expected. He said, "I'd like you to do all of it in a compressed format."

On the one hand, his words were very encouraging. We've worked for the last five years to develop a great training manual, one that meets the needs of Zambian pastors and leaders and is a real encouragement to them. The fact that Dr. Silavwe affirmed the entire manual is awesome!

On the other hand, as I mentioned in my previous blog, our manual covers about one hundred hours of training. We'll have about twenty-five hours of training with the pastors next week. That's going to mean a lot of compressing!

So, would you pray for us as we plan with Percy over the next couple of days? Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us as we choose what to emphasize and what to summarize quickly, and pray also that we will follow the Spirit's lead as the week unfolds and we get to know the pastors. Our goal is to serve them and encourage them as we are strengthened and encouraged by them, as well!