Zambia Calling Again!

Our Lilonga 2017 Class

Our Lilonga 2017 Class

It's been about seven weeks since our dear friend and colleague, Percy Muleba, returned to Zambia after a twelve week visit. His time here was extremely successful because it allowed him to renew old friendships, make new ones and build the support team he needed. God is good!

On June 5th, Abby and I return to Zambia for one month. We'll renew old friendships in Livingstone, Sesheke, Lilonga, Nangweshi and Mongu. And, we'll make new friends in Kalongola and Moyo. As always, we'll be traveling and training with our dear friend, Percy Muleba. We're looking forward to seeing him again.

Over the last few months, we've redacted our training manual, adding new material and streamlining the old. Our dear friend, Cyndie Howard, proofed it for us which was no small task, given its length. Thanks, Cyndie!

One of the exciting aspects of this trip is that two very experienced Pastors, Sikute and Lewis, will be joining us for a couple of weeks to experience and observe our training, and to discuss the possibility of future work together. We will welcome their suggestions and insight. They're wonderful men and we're blessed by their interest in our work.

Our schedule, tentatively, looks like this:

     June 5: Depart for Zambia

     June 7: Arrive in Livingstone

     June 11-15: Nangweshi

     June 16-17: Mongu

     June 18-22: Kalongola

     June 23-24: Mongu

     June 25-29: Moyo

     June 30-July 2: Lilonga (briefly) and Livingstone

     July 3: Depart for home

     July 4: Arrive home

We want to thank those of you who are on our Mission Team. We couldn't do this without your partnership! And, as always, we're grateful for all of you who are interested in our mission and pray for us.

We are in special need of prayer as we prepare to leave. I'm recovering slowly from an infection and Abby is fighting a sinus infection. We're both on antibiotics.

We covet prayers for safe and uneventful travel while we're away, good relationships old and new, transformative training experiences for our students, and strength and health for Abby, Percy and me. Thanks, friends!