What a difference you've made!

We've been home from Zambia for a couple of weeks now. It's been interesting readjusting to American culture. The pace of life is so much faster here, but the easy availability of goods and services, the great roads, the variety of food and such are wonderful, of course. Worshiping with our home church, Lake Forest, spending time with friends and seeing our beloved family (!) have been amazing. Boy, did we miss our kids and grandson!

Just before we left Zambia, our new friends Pastor Elvin and Ezi Simungoma (Greater Harvest Rhema Church) sent us a photo of kids receiving shoes from the shipment that arrived from the U.S. in July. Greater Harvest works in the poorest section of Livingstone and the kids were thrilled to receive the shoes without which they cannot attend school. Plus, who doesn't love an awesome new pair of shoes?

Ezi told us with a smile that when they first laid out the shoes, the kids scrambled to grab a pair, regardless of the style or size and then were very reluctant to give them up. After much urging that they would all get a pair, but that they needed to be fitted, the kids very reluctantly handed back they shoes they'd grabbed, scared that they'd not get another pair.

It's funny, but then not so funny after all, you know?

Anyway, a big shout out to Rachel Sanford and her Interact Club, and to Centre Presbyterian Church and all the others who contributed to getting the shipment to Zambia. You made it happen!

Pleae pray for Elvin and Ezi as they continue to bring the Gospel to these precious kids!