"Be fruitful and multiply!"

Paul's Hand Gesture.jpg

"And what you have heard from me...entrust to reliable people who will be able to teach others also."  2 Timothy 2:2

The Apostle Paul came to understand in the course of his missionary journeys that he had to hand off the mission to qualified leaders who, in turn, would hand off the mission to other qualified leaders. In other words, Paul understood that mission multiplication of indigenous leaders would have the greatest long term impact.

That's why we're always looking for this multiplication principle at work during our training. Interestingly, during one of our breaks, we saw it in a beautiful way, as the photo above shows.

Paul, the pastor who had organized last week's training, is a very accomplished worship leader and musician. He found himself approached at every break by other students who wanted to learn more about using the keyboard in worship.

It was a beautiful thing to watch Paul gently and skillfully teach these younger leaders. As their relationships deepened, we knew the multiplication principle was at work as these young leaders were returning to their different congregations to apply what they had learned from Paul.

Please pray that our training continue to be multiplied in formal and informal ways in the coming weeks!