"And the things you have heard me say...entrust to reliable people who will be able to teach others."

These words from the Apostle Paul (2 Timothy 2:2) came to mind as I was thinking about the small gathering we joined following worship this past Sunday in a community building in Sesheke, Zambia. Ten of our “3 Weeks Intensive” students from our June class were there, along with a few family members and the fantastic Youth Choir from the Evangelical Church of Zambia, Sesheke.

We were gathered to award completion certificates to our students, to celebrate in song, and to hear how our students have been putting into practice what they had learned.

One student, Misheck Sendol, had this to say, to the best of my recollection: “As you know, I was only able to attend the last week of the class. Nevertheless, I took what I learned and began to study the Bible differently, asking the Lord what he had in mind for me to do. As I studied, I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to start a prison ministry here in Sesheke. But you had also taught us not to start a ministry alone, so I called a friend and shared with him my vision. He agreed to help me. Today, we minister the Gospel in the prison every other Sunday afternoon and in the hospital the other Sundays. Also, we have approached the high school about starting a Scripture Union Club there for the students and they have approved our request. We will soon begin that ministry, as well.”

Wow! And it didn't end there. Pastor Chimyaya Situmbeko told us that he's been using our manual to train ten young people in his church and that if we ever do another “3 Weeks Intensive” class in Sesheke he will bring these ten students to the class.

Pastor Moses Yamba reported that he had just returned from a mission trip to Angola with a team from his church and that they would be returning to teach church planting to the pastors they had met during the trip who want to go into the bush and share the Gospel with those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Pastor Hellen Tembo's church has now launched a mission to Malawi and they intend to continue to develop that mission in the months and years to come.

In addition, Pastor Yamba announced that a Live School will be launched immediately in Sesheke. Live School, which we recommended to the class, is video based and contains 242 hours of outcome based mission training developed by World Mission Center out of South Africa. It will be exciting to hear the impact of Live School in Sesheke!

It was a wonderful day, as you can imagine, and underlined what God is doing in Zambia. Thank you for being part of his plan, for your prayers and support.

This weekend, we travel 300 miles north to Senanga to meet with the Ministers' Association and plan next year's which will be held in June. Please pray that our meeting goes well, that we make every connection God has in mind for us and for traveling mercies, as well. Thanks!